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Your All-in-One Financial Hub

Take control of your finances with our comprehensive suite of tools. 

Digitized Financial Platform

Manage your money online in one secure place.

Record-keeping Tools

Track your income and expenses effortlessly.

Financial Literacy Programs

Learn how to make smart financial decisions.

Order Management & Tracking

Follow your purchases and bills easily.

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Our App at Glance

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Easy Login: No Passwords, No Hassle

Experience seamless access with our mobile number OTP verification

Document verify
Minimal Documentation & Collateral-Free Loans

Simplify your loan application process with minimal paperwork

Loan Approval
Faster Loan

Get your loan approved quickly and efficiently

Credit Score
One-Click Credit Score

Stay on top of your credit health with just a single click

Effortless Invoice

Simplify your expense tracking with our easy invoice scanning feature

No hidden charges
No Hidden

Enjoy transparency with no hidden fees or charges

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.

Richard Branson

Founder - Virgin Group

Easy Loan Approval

4 Steps Process

Follow our simple four-step process to get your loan approved quickly and easily. Start by uploading your documents, check your eligibility, apply for the loan, and receive approval. It’s that straightforward!


Upload Documents

Submit the required documents to start your loan application.


Check Eligibility

Verify if you meet the criteria for loan approval.


Apply For Loan

Complete and submit your loan application form.



Your loan has been approved and is ready for disbursement.

Did you know?

Our Supply Patterns


For small shops, agents go on field visits or suppliers carry goods on a small vehicle, deliver items as many as asked, update the register and/or collect cash

Wholesaler / Distributor

Shops manage a list of supplies for each of their suppliers, and call, WhatsApp, SMS or email their lists to wholesalers or distributors, payment terms are shared, and order is delivered or picked up, payment follows


Shops place their order to the manufacturer’s directly through their website or orders are given to designated salespersons, payment is upfront or with shared terms, order is delivered or picked up

New age suppliers

Either shops enter all their orders on the app/web-based commerce marketplace, goods are delivered, and payment options are available, or shops buy from cash and carry megastores

Panji helps finance orders

Panji will digitize ordering workflow and also allow buyers to make payments without availing financing.

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